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Mom’s Night Out

I went on a mom’s night out and it was fantastic.  My friend Alle & I went to a place called Quench Your Palette. It is a small painting studio that does adult and children’s classes.  They do evening BYOB painting classes for the adults.  We decided to go on a night where we got to paint our own wine glasses.  Now neither of us are very artistic, so we knew this would be entertaining.

We arrived early, so we got to pick out the designs we wanted to do and spend a little more time with the instructor.  Alle picked out a sunflower and I picked out a palm tree to paint on our glasses. Here is the start of our painting adventure:100_3402100_3403   Our glasses are on the left and the sample we were trying to match is on the right.  We enjoyed a bottle of Leoness Cellars Viognier white wine while expressing our inner painters.  I highly recommend looking into their wines.  They are a small winery in Temecula, San Diego, California.  There were about a total of 12 of us, and everyone brought a beverage to indulge in.  Now I am a planner, so I am ALWAYS prepared.  I gave out extra cups and shared my bottle opener with some of the other painters.  So we spent the evening catching up and painting. Here are our finished products:100_3404 100_3405They came out pretty good for our first attempt.  If you are looking for a fun night out for a date or with friends, look into a painting studio near you.  It is quite an enjoyable evening and something I never thought of doing!


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