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Our Disney Wedding, Part 1-Planning

One thing everyone asks me about is our Wedding.  When we decided to get married I thought I had wanted a simple wedding, but then I got the notion of having a Disney Wedding.  Now I had never been one of those girls that thought about getting married since I was little, but once we got engaged it was all over with.  I knew I wanted to have a destination wedding, but I also wanted it to be fun and easy to put together.  Walt Disney World was the answer and lucky me, my husband agreed!

The first thing I did was go on to the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings site.  It’s changed since we got married, but we ordered a brochure to get information and explored the website.  Even if you are not having a Disney wedding, it is a great website to look at pictures for inspiration.  Once we decided on Disney, we set our date.  I’m not sure if this is still how they do it, but we could not book until 1 year from our date.  We called and first setup a site visit.  When we arrived for the visit we met with a sales consultant at Franck’s Bridal Studio.  If you’re wondering why it’s called Franck’s, it is the wedding planner from the movie “Father of the Bride”.  If you are ever walking by the Wedding pavilion and Franck’s, check to see if the door to Franck’s is open.  They let people take a look at the stuff they have set up if they are there for meetings, as their regular office is off site.  The consultant asked us basic information; size, budget, type of wedding we were looking for, and venues we wanted to see.  We were pretty set on having our ceremony at the Wedding Pavillion, so we walked next door and looked around.  It is stunning.  Then we went to check our reception locations.  I was pretty certain I wanted to have it in a theme park and probably Epcot.  She drove us around the backstage area to show us how our guests and us would enter.  First, we checked out the American Adventure Rotunda, but decided that it was too elegant for what I wanted.  The next stop was the private lounge in The Seas with Nemo.

livingseas1  I loved the small intimate tables and the fun colors.  You’ll see in my pictures later on that the walls are floor to ceiling glass to the aquariums.  I was sold when we were standing in front  of one of them and here comes the large turtle swimming right up to the glass.  We now had our locations picked, and I waited until my 1 year mark and called to reserve.  Since there are some locations that have higher demand, I had to go into a lottery to see if I would get my 1st selected times and locations.  Lucky me, that was not a problem and I got my first choices.

Next came picking out the details.  It was pretty obvious that our wedding would have some kind of beach theme since the location was in an aquarium, but I wanted something a little different.  After looking around, I decided on sand castles.  I found these awesome sand castles made from real sand and resin, so they have the look and feel of real sand.


The next thing I did was go dress shopping.  There aren’t a lot of bridal salons around me, and I didn’t really want to go to David’s Bridal.  I found a boutique salon about an hour away that looked awesome.  I went with my mother and maid of honor.  We walked into Aurora Unique Bridal Boutique and there was a stunning dress on a dressmaker’s doll.  My maid of honor said “You are trying that dress on”, and so I did.


I tried on a few more dresses, but they just couldn’t compare.  Next, we looked at bridesmaid dresses.  I was set on using coral because I thought it was fun and would be a pretty color on everyone and insisted on a short dress.  We looked through the dresses and my maid of honor picked out this dress.  It looks more pink in pictures.


Five months prior to our wedding, we went back to Franck’s to have our planning session.  I don’t have pictures because I was too excited about planning my wedding than taking pictures.  We met our wedding planner and the floral manager to go over details.  This is one of the best parts of planning our wedding.  We had 90% of our wedding planned in just 4 hours!!  They have a checklist of every detail they go over with you, and I mean every detail.  Instead of wasting your time withe details now, I will just show you them in pictures when we get to the actual wedding.  I gave them pictures of my dress, the bridesmaid dress, and a swatch from the bridesmaid dress.  Even though I am  planner, I gave them some creative room.  I have found this to be a good idea when it comes to anybody doing anything creative for you.  I gave the floral manager a general color scheme and how I wanted things setup and gave her free rein on flowers since I don’t know much about what’s in season when.

Then came the food! We did a cake and frosting tasting in the bridal salon. We had basic cake flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and marble to taste.  The frosting flavors we had were chocolate, Bailey’s, Amaretto, Bavarian, and tropical.  I think we had more, but I can’t remember them, let alone what I did this morning.  We decided on chocolate cake with Bailey’s mousse for the bottom layer, marble cake with tropical mousse for the middle layer, and chocolate cake with the Bavarian mousse for the top layer.  After cake, we hopped in the car with the wedding planner and went over to the kitchen in Epcot for a food tasting.  It is a HUGE kitchen and was very cool to get to see.  They had previously sent us some sample menus, and we picked out one to taste.  We met the head chef who sat with us while we sampled the food.  It was kind of weird sitting their eating with our planner, the head chef, and the Epcot food manager sitting at the table watching us eat.  They made a lot of food for the four of us, and we tried it all.  I absolutely hate any seafood, but the mahi they made was actually pretty tasty.  We decided what we liked and didn’t and the chef took notes on anything we wanted changed.  Regardless of where you have your wedding, ALWAYS ask for a cake and food testing.  The baker and chef should do these for free, but I have heard they will occasionally charge a small fee.  Luckily, Disney included this and it was a gourmet meal they served us.  We then headed back to Franck’s and that was the end of our planning session.

I had about 10 follow-up emails with music and table settings, but that was it.  Our wedding was pretty much planned in those 4 hours and there was no stress for me!  In Part 2, I will have a ton of pictures for you with the details, the rehearsal, and wedding day.  Don’t forget to check back!

Here’s Part 2!

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    Thanks for taking us through your planning process! It sounds like this is something you’re very invested in, having your dream Disney wedding, so I hope everything ran as smoothly as possible!

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