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A Birthday Gift from Cord Blood Registry

When we found out we were pregnant, we didn’t even have to discuss setting up a Cord Blood Registry.  We may never use you (hopefully we don’t), but I’d rather have it with all the medical advances they are making with stem cells.  It is slightly expensive at $1995 for the cord blood and $2895 for the cord blood & tissue and the annual storage fee each year, but it is well worth it.  While it is recommended to save the stem cells for each child for the best match with treatment, there is the possibility to match any existing family member depending upon the specific need. You can also make a donation to their public bank, where people in need have access to the stem cells you donated from your child to help with a medical treatment.  Check out Cord Blood Registry for more info!

I got this package from them in the mail, and this is what was inside:


And in that cute little wrapping, was this book for my daughter:


It is such a small gesture, but it is greatly appreciated.  With all the people who bank with them, they could easily pass it up as just another client, but instead they decide to do something personal for their clients who have made such an important decision for their child’s future health.

FTC Disclosure:  The Cord Blood Registry is something I personally looked into and decided to use.  While they did send us a book, the opinions stated are my own personal opinions.

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