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Yep, I Just Ran In a Skirt

I just did something I never would of thought I’d do when I started this running journey. Yep, I just ran in a skirt. I rarely ever wear dresses or skirts on a day to day basis, so the thought of running in a skirt was pretty far out there for me.  There is a lot of buzz about athletic skirts called Sparkle Skirts in my Princess Half running group because a lot of them swear they are the best thing to run in.  I looked at them and was on the edge of buying one to try, when it was decided to have a skirt made for our group.  And at that, I said “Heck, why not?”, and took the plunge on buying one.  They make what’s called a SparkleTech, which is a nice light fabric with attached running shorts, and a SparkleLight, which is a light weight skirt you wear over your own shorts.  The owner of the company found this awesome fabric and settled on pink shorts for our skirt. 

I ordered my skirt Wednesday night, and it was in my mailbox on Monday!  Now that’s quick service.  I was in love once I opened the box.  It is bright and crazy and completely me.  So how’d the first run go? Awesome!  It was lightweight, didn’t move around, and it felt cooler than most of my shorts(temperature wise).  But I did feel pretty fabulous in it too. So here I am after a little 3 miles:


Yea, I’m probably going to have to get a job to support this free sport of running I decided to do.  Well, I guess it could be free, but it might not be as fun!  Check out Sparkle Skirts here if you’re interested.


FTC Disclosure:  I purchased this skirt with my own money.  No compensation was made for this post and all opinions are my own.

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