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Races I’ve Done & What’s To Come

I figured I should share a little bit of what I’ve done and what I’m about to do in the running world.  So I told you I started my running when we decided to try to get pregnant.  I decided I needed to do some type of exercise and that would help us get preggers.  Well what did I decide to do?  Let’s run a Warrior Dash!  My husband used to be a cross country guy, so he used to run. A LOT. EVERYDAY.  He started me out with my walking to work on my form, so I really didn’t get any running in before doing it.

100_2832 100_2844

It was quite an experience and not because the obstacles were a challenge for me.  See, my husband is a very competitive person, so he was definitely not the person to do a first race with.  He did stay with me and we finished in 47 minutes, which includes time we had to wait at some of the obstacles.  Not bad for a first race ever and for never running before.

I kept up a little bit of running and added in cycling.  At the time, I preferred the cycling and started mountain biking some manmade trails here in Florida.  I loved it.  Then I got pregnant and had to give up the mountain biking, but I still did some road rides.  Since my body wasn’t really conditioned to keep up running through my pregnancy, I just ended up doing fast walking over bridges.

Fast forward 10 months and our baby arrived.  Not like you  have a lot of time with a newborn, but I decided the 2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon was my goal.  It gave me 8 1/2 months to get back into running.  I started with taking my daughter for walks, but couldn’t jog with her until she was around 5 months.  Ok, so now I had 3 months. You would think that would kick my butt in gear, right? Nope, didn’t happen.  At 5 weeks before the half marathon I decided I better go do a long run/walk to see if I could at least finish.  My husband went with me and it was hot and raining, but I finished 8 slow miles and felt good.  For the next 5 weeks, I did 3-4 mile runs 4 times a week.  Not quite half marathon training, but I did it.

IMG_1234                                             IMG_1226


My husband also did the Family Fun 5K with our daughter in the stroller, so it is her first racing medal!  So how did I do with 5 weeks of training?  Not too bad.  I will let you know I had a migraine from my allergies and by Sunday morning I was vomiting (sorry for tmi) an hour before I had to go.  Not quite the best scenario for doing a half marathon to start out dehydrating yourself, but I was determined and off I went.  The adrenaline kept me going until about 7 miles in and then my head literally felt like it was going to explode.  I decided it was better to slow down then to vomit again and pass out.  So I finished in 3:09:40.  Quite a bit slower than I know I could have, but there’s always the next one!

I then convinced my husband to run with me again to do a Color Me Rad 5K in March.  It’s untimed, and I forgot to turn off my timer, but we were right around 30 minutes with stops for pictures!



It went much better than our first race, so my husband agreed to do some half marathons with me.  So what’s next? 

  1. Local Beach to Beach 5K-August 23-Taking my Sister in Law for her first 5K!
  2. Give Kids The World 5K-November 2-With some fellow Princesses!
  3. Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon-November 9- First Half with my hubby, hopefully it goes ok!
  4. Dirty Girl Mud Run-November 23- Taking my best friend for her first race!
  5. Disney’s Princess Half Marathon-February 23-Sister in Law’s first half and my husband is going too(but he’ll probably run by himself to see how fast he can complete)
  6. Disneyland Half Marathon-August 2014-Doing a Coast 2 Coast with my husband!

I’m sure there will be a Thanksgiving run, a Christmas run, and possibly a 10K in October thrown in.  I’m sure I’ll have quite a few other races thrown in there too!  Can’t wait to tell you all about them!

Enjoy Your Adventure,


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