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Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1 Review

Baking has always been a little hobby of mine.  I love making tasty little treats, but I have to give a lot of them away otherwise I would eat them all.  What a contradiction between my hobbies, baking and running.  The running is helping to keep my sweets habit in check because I don’t really want to eat too unhealthy when I’m exercising a lot.

I always saw the signs for the classes that my local Michaels Store offered and decided to take the Wilton Cake Decorating course 1.  It is a 4 week course with 1 class each week.  There is a premade course kit with most of the tips, bags, etc. that you need for the class.  You also get a course syllabus with everything else you may need to buy or bring to the first class.  I had to bring plain sugar cookies to the first class to decorate.  We learned a lot of the basics on the first night of class, including how to properly bake a cake.  The most important thing we learned was how to make the frosting and the different consistencies to accomplish frosting a cake or making decorations.  We got to make frosting stars  on our cookies, but that was something I had already done to make a cake before.

The following week we had to bring an iced cake into class.  We learned how to make transfers onto cakes and how to properly hold (angle and direction) depending on the decorations we were doing.  We brought cupcakes on the 3rd night and learned how to make shaggy mums, pom pom flowers, leaves, and drop flowers. Here’s my first cake and cupcakes:


IMG_1317                                            IMG_1316




On our final class of the first course we learned how to print, write, and make the first of a few rose types.   We also finished up our final cake in class. Here was my cake in the before class and after class:

IMG_1325                       IMG_1329

I obviously need to work on my cake writing a little bit.  Overall the class was definitely a fun experience.  We had a great instructor, who also gave us tips and tricks to try out.  I think that made a huge difference because I could see how the class would go differently with an instructor you did not click with.  There are extra costs besides the cost of the class and the course kit, so beware of that.  Otherwise, I would definitely recommend taking a class if you are interested in learning more about cake decorating.

Enjoy Your Adventure,


FTC Disclosure: I paid for the class and all related expenses.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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