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A New Favorite Thing-Vanilla Sugar!

I did a phone dump of pictures off my phone and my husbands last night.  Let’s just say I have been slacking for a looooong time on that.  So while I’m going through them all, I figured I’d tell you about one of my new favorite things.  I love to bake and vanilla sugar does amazing things to baked goods!  A few months ago I had been over at another mom’s house for a play date and she  made us lattes and she had some vanilla sugar to put in them.  I finally decided I needed to try some out for myself.

All you need is plain old granulated sugar and a vanilla bean.  Super simple, but oh so tasty!


Vanilla beans are a little expensive.  They are around $16 for 2, but I found them at Target for $9.  I love Target!  Most people love the smell of vanilla, but vanilla beans do not smell good.  The scent is so concentrated that they don’t really smell that good. 

The first step is to cut open the vanilla bean.  Most of the time you can use the back of a knife and slide it down the center of the bean from one end to the other.  The one I got were a little dryer, so I had to use the tip of the knife.  Once sliced open, then take a spoon or the knife and scrape out all the little seeds inside the bean.  That’s what is on the spoon in the above picture. 

I used a 4# bag of sugar and 1 vanilla bean.  Mix the seeds into a small amount of sugar to start.  The seeds are moist and if you try to mix them into a large amount of sugar,  you will just get a big clump.   Put the vanilla bean in the jar and pour in the rest of your sugar, and voila.  You now have vanilla sugar!  It’s best to let it sit for about a week,  and just add more sugar to the jar as you use it.  Give the jar a shake or stir to mix it all together.  The vanilla bean should last for months.

Use the sugar in place of sugar in baking recipes to enhance the flavor.  This is my favorite use for it!  You can also put it in your coffee or to top crème brulee.

Enjoy Your Adventure,                                                                                Samantha

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