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Back on Track After Some Rough Weeks

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted and haven’t been on social media much these past few weeks, but for good reason.  I spent about 7 weeks with some crazy GI problems on top of my pain I get when I run, and then my daughter got sick for her first time.  So I spent some time taking care of us, but now I’m back at it!

Shortly after getting back from our road trip I started having some GI troubles.  Let’s start with my pain.  I had my gallbladder removed 4 years ago, which was after 12 years of having attacks because I had no stones and the doctor said I was too young for my gallbladder not to work.  Thanks doc.  Ever since I started running, I get a horrible pain exactly in the same spot I had pain from my gallbladder attacks.  If you’ve ever had a gallbladder attack, you know how painful they are, so thankfully my pain is not anywhere near that.  So  on top of this, I started having some crazy GI troubles that lasted about 8 weeks. Can you say fun?!?

I spent some time going to the doctor and having tests done.  The GI doctor is pretty sure the pain is from scar tissue that is inflaming surrounding tissues.  Good news that it’s nothing crazy, but bad news since there is nothing they can do for it and I have to live with the pain.  It won’t stop me from running though, because after a while it just goes numb and I don’t feel again until I’m done.  The other issues we are still working on, but they have subsided with medication.  He thinks I may have a stone in a bile duct causing me issues.  Hopefully it’s nothing major, so we’ll see.

About 5 weeks into it, I had to run a local beach to beach 5K with my sister in law.  She decided she wants to do the Princess Half with me in February, so I’ve been running with her and this was her first 5K.  I had wanted her to do at least one race before the half and since I made her sign up I felt I needed to go.  Not the best decision on my part because of what was going on with me and a little dehydrated and undernourished, but I’m a trooper.  The run was part of 3 races that our local county puts on mainly for the high schools.  They use the times from the races for placement on their cross country teams.  I had a bottle of water and some Sharkies chews before the race.  We did intervals and we finished in 37:07.  Definitely proud of my sister in-law for this being her first 5K.


It was about 90 degrees with 70% humidity at 7pm.  I felt alright as we finished, but after standing there I definitely started feeling bad so I went home and had half a waffle and crashed.

Then my daughter got sick with roseola.  Luckily it’s nothing major, but for 2 days all she wanted to do was be held and sleep with me.  So that’s what we did.  It lasted about a week between the fever and rash and we were cooped up for that week.  She wasn’t contagious once she got to the rash, but you know other mom’s get creeped out by it so we didn’t do a whole lot.  So what did we do after she got over it?  We went to Disney World of course!!!

I decided that we needed to go to Disney World last week on a mommy/daughter date because of the rough time we recently had.  We left after breakfast and got up to the Magic Kingdom around 11am.  When we were walking in, they were clearing Main Street for some street performers so we stuck around.  A couple of them came and sat by my daughter talking to her, but she just stared at them and kept chewing her finger.  Oh a teething 15 month old!  We watched the performance and then went to get lunch at Pinocchio Village Haus.  I had a  Mediterranean salad and got Alyssa mac & cheese, but she ate more of my chicken and mozzarella than her mac & cheese.

We got to ride It’s a Small World and then we went and played in the fountains by Dumbo.  Then of course we had to ride Dumbo, and it was only a 10 minute wait!!  That never happens.  Once Alyssa saw the ride, she kept pointing and asking “pease” (her version of please) to ride.  She loved it.  She’s finally at the stage where she gets the rides and the up and down sensations.


After a while, we went to the front to watch the parade. Alyssa loves music and loves to dance.  If she’s doing something and hears music she likes, she has to stop and dance.  We watched the Jack Sparrow performance and then rode Pirates of the Caribbean.  After that it was about time for dinner.  While eating, some gray clouds and thunder started rolling in.  We went over to ride Winnie the Pooh afterwards because the wait was 10 minutes and I figured we could ride it before the rain moved it.  Yep, I was wrong.  Right when we go behind the wall it started pouring.  I went back and forth if I should run out to get the stroller or leave, so I decided it was already wet that we should just go on the ride.  This was also the only other ride my daughter asked please to go on.  By the time we got off it was just drizzling, but everyone was still hiding in shops and under cover.  I was going to get Alyssa in pajamas for the ride home, so I figured we’d make the walk to the baby center in the rain.  People were looking at me like I was crazy. 

When I got to the baby center and pulled out my bag, it definitely was full of water.  It’s a good thing I know to put her clothes in ziploc bags.  I got her changed and then we got some milk.  Now what to do with a soaking wet stroller?  There was no way I was pushing the stroller and carrying my daughter out to the parking lot.  I went into a store and got a large bag, and this is what I did:



I put the bag on the seat and poked a hole for the strap between the legs.  It worked like a charm.  So I stopped at the Starbucks on Main Street and got a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino and headed to the car.  Alyssa was asleep before we got out of the parking lot.

So now it’s back to my regular workouts and runs.   I’m starting to get up at 5am to do yoga and added in a 4 mile bridge run on the weekends.  Got to get ready for the Wine & Dine Half in 2 months!

Enjoy Your Adventure,                                                                               Samantha

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