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Road Trip Part 2-Finishing up in Virginia

I need to get my act together.  I can’t seem to find enough hours in the day for everything.  I know some of it was dealing with being sick and now we’re going on vacation again.  Yes, I said again!  We love to travel and I love to keep busy.  So I’m going to try something new.  I am taking my computer on vacation and will do my write ups a few times while on vacation.  Get me back in the rhythm and then when we get back, I start my 5am wake ups.  And yes, I will do them this time.  4am was just way too early for me because I’m a night owl and it is hard for me to go to sleep at night.  On that note, I better finish up my road trip before we leave for California!

I left off after our first 2 days in Virginia.  We were in Virginia until Tuesday.  We had lunch and hung out with my cousin and her family for a while.  I love getting to spend time with family, but don’t seem to do it enough since both Kert & my families are spread all over the place.  My cousin just had her 4th baby almost 3 months prior, so that deserved a visit to meet her new daughter!  She is such a cutie and was so happy and content.  After leaving there, we went to a town called Smith Mountain Lake.  There was some farm that was supposed to be having a family fun day with fruit/veggie picking, hayrides, petting zoo, and more that we decided to go to.  Can you say creepy?? It was like 4pm and bright and sunny and the place was deserted.  It reminded us of Jeepers Creepers.  Yeah, we definitely hauled out of there and went to the lake.  The town was having a July 4th celebration on Saturday and a huge fireworks display that night.  We had dinner at some little restaurant on the lake where we took this cut picture:


She loves her sunglasses!  After dinner we went down to the docks where they sell popcorn to feed to the tarpon.  Of course, we had to let her feed them.


We went around to the other side of the lake where they were having the fireworks display and wandered around, rode the carousel, and had a snow cone.  It was time to put Alyssa in her pajamas, so we walked back to the car and it started raining.  We sat in the car and it slowed to a drizzle so they proceeded with the fireworks.  It was the longest and largest fireworks display I have ever seen.  Even bigger than Disney’s fireworks!!


Alyssa was sooo tired, but wouldn’t give up because she loved the fireworks.  It was about 10pm when they finished and we headed back.

We started Sunday out with a walk through an old railroad trail that was never completed.  While on the walk, we found these.


And I’m sure you’re thinking “mmm wild raspberries”, but you’re wrong.  It’s an unripe blackberry, and oh  yes, we did eat these dirty little berries right off the bush.  They had a great blackberry flavor with a bit of bite since they weren’t ripe.  I kept telling my brother he made me eat a berry that a deer had peed on.  After the walk, we went to a mountain range called the Peaks of Otter.  We hit a couple wineries and got a java wine that really tastes like coffee from Peaks of Otter Winery.  I had been seeing signs all over and talked to one lady about fried apple pies.  I of course had to have one.  On the way back I saw a little convenience store that had a sign that said fried apples.  I went inside to get one and there were three ladies making them right there. It was fresh and hot!


It was pretty good. I mean what have you ever had that was fried and awful?  It was just slightly sweet and had a great crispiness to the dough.  I will definitely have them again, or I might try them myself sometime.

Our Monday was just a relax day since my brother and his girlfriend had to work.   We got up and took our daughter to some local fountains to play in and did some wandering around town.  On the way back to the house we stopped and got some food to make for dinner.  We had dinner and hung out with my brother.  His girlfriend wasn’t sure she’d be able to come because she had a work thing, but she ended up surprising us and showing up.  So we had a pretty relax day, which is definitely needed when on vacation.

Next up will be the start of our Washington DC part of the trip!  If you missed it, check out the beginning of our trip here!

Enjoy Your Adventure,                                                                                         Samantha

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