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Why Did I Think I’d Run on Vacation?

Well I did it again.  I failed at working out again on vacation.  I brought my running clothes and shoes thinking I would make time, but that didn’t happen with all the visiting with family and relaxing.  It wasn’t a 100% fail as I did go for a quick 2 mile run one night, and I must say that the weather in Southern California was AMAZING compared to South Florida for one.  It was almost 20 degrees cooler and half the humidity.  Let me just say that I give props to all you  hill/mountain runners too.  This flat land girl is not used to those type of hills.  The most we have is a bridge over a river and those aren’t that bad.  I knew it was rough when I could hear my husband breathing and it’s always like he doesn’t have to exert himself on a run at home.

Anyways, I’m about 5 weeks out from the Wine & Dine Half Marathon at Disney so I better get on the training.  I did my 3 miles today and it felt awful compared to the beautiful weather I just left.  Now it’s time for 5am wake ups and I am determined that I will do this.  They say it’s 21 days to make anything a habit, so here’s to day 1 tomorrow!  Wish me luck!

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