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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Tips For Flying With A Toddler

Last month we took a cross country trip to California with our then 15 month old.  This was our first time flying with her, so I was kind of nervous how she’d do having to sit the whole time.  We’ve taken road trips with her and she did ok, but we did a lot of […]

How This RunDisney Newbie Got Into A Meet Up!

You may or may not have heard about the runDisney meet ups.  They are a special FREE, that’s right I said FREE, meet up  a few days before the half and full marathons that Disney puts on at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.  I know, you’re still stuck on the free because how often do […]

One Week & 3 Trips to Orlando

Why yes I am a little crazy.  Thanks to an awesome treat yesterday, I will be making 3 trips to Orlando in a week.  My first is to run a 5K with some friends.  We are all running the Give Kids The World Gingerbread Run 5K.  If you’ve never heard of Give Kids The World, […]

I Can Finally See! My Lasik Journey.

The Friday before last was the day of my surgery.  I was surprisingly not nervous.  I mean come on, they’re putting a laser in your eye and you could possibly lose vision.  I got to the office, got checked in, and made my payment.  Then I signed my life away with about a 10 page […]

Two Amazing Mamas

I once again had plans to write about something, but changed them.  I was going to start some recaps about our California trip and changed my mind.  I’m having my LASIK surgery tomorrow and am super excited.  I of course am nervous too, I mean it’s my eyes.  There’s a chance I’ll still need glasses, […]

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