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I once again had plans to write about something, but changed them.  I was going to start some recaps about our California trip and changed my mind.  I’m having my LASIK surgery tomorrow and am super excited.  I of course am nervous too, I mean it’s my eyes.  There’s a chance I’ll still need glasses, or will have some weird side effects, or even lose vision.

I posted something on Facebook about being excited for my surgery, and my mom friend I met earlier this year told me to take the time to look into an investigation before my surgery.  It was about the side effects and possible risks.  The amazing thing is that this friend is the one who was diagnosed with brain cancer a few months ago.  When I met her, I knew she had one of the brightest spirits of anyone I had met.  So while she is going through treatments for her brain cancer, she is worried about me having LASIK surgery.  Who does that?  Very few people I know would be going through such a tremendous experience and still be concerned for others.  She is such a genuine loving and caring person, and I wish the best for her and her family.

I was recently introduced to another amazing woman.  She is a mother to 2 girls and she too has cancer.  She has a type of Leukemia and has been fighting it for over 5 years.  It recently flared up again and she is going through chemo now.  Now I haven’t really met her yet, as I was introduced to her on the internet.  You really can meet some amazing people virtually.  Any who, what makes her so amazing when I don’t even “know” her yet?  She just ran a marathon!  Yes, 26.2 miles while fighting cancer.  Holy cow this woman is amazing and I can’t wait to meet her at one of the upcoming races.

So yeah, I’m nervous about my eye surgery, but compared to these tough mama’s, it’s nothing.  So wish me luck that I won’t need glasses anymore and send some good thoughts to these bad**s ladies!

Enjoy Your Adventure,                                                                            Samantha

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