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One Week & 3 Trips to Orlando

Why yes I am a little crazy.  Thanks to an awesome treat yesterday, I will be making 3 trips to Orlando in a week.  My first is to run a 5K with some friends.  We are all running the Give Kids The World Gingerbread Run 5K.  If you’ve never heard of Give Kids The World, it is an amazing charity.  It is a “world” away for these children and families from their life threatening illnesses.  It is like a resort facility that hosts families of a child who has a life threatening illness.  They get a week long vacation in a fantasy world and tickets to some of the local theme parks.  They even get ice cream 24/7!  As a participant, you try to help raise funds for the charity.  Most participants try, but they are still $64,000 away from their goal  and the race is only 1 1/2 weeks away.  So if you feel inclined to make even a $5 donation, please head on over to my page and make a donation.

The following Saturday my husband are running the Wine & Dine Half Marathon at Walt Disney World.  It’s my second half and my husband’s first.  He used to be a competitive long distance runner, so he’s much faster than me normally, but it’s been a while since he’s ran a long distance.  He’s got that competitive drive, so I’m trying to show him how to have fun instead. RunDisney events can be a little pricey, but they are well worth the money and definitely fun!  They do several different races throughout the year between Walt Disney World and Disneyland.  If you want to do have a fun time, definitely check out runDisney.

To top off my week, I got chosen to attend a special runDisney meet up two days prior to the half marathon.  See, they posted this on their blog, and then send out a tweet and you have to rsvp by email to get in.  The first emails they receive that meet their requirements get in.  I found out about these special meet ups before I ran the Princess Half this year, and when Kert agreed to run Wine & Dine I knew I had to try.  Now these meet ups are pretty hard to get into.  You have to email with in the first few minutes to get in.  People are glued to twitter and the Disney Parks Blog for hours waiting for the tweet that forewarns that the blog post is coming.  Since this was the first time I tried, I got caught up in the social media storm around it and it was pretty interesting.

They have been doing these meet ups for 3 years now, but this is the first one they are doing at night. It sounds like it will be an amazing time and I can’t wait.  Keep a look out on my Twitter and Facebook for updates throughout the night on November 7, and a recap shortly after!

So why all this craziness?  Why not?  I tend to do crazy stuff when it comes down to things.  I once drove 11 hours to a family reunion in North Carolina to stay less than 24 hours.  Yeah, I do wacky stuff, but I have fun doing it. I want to live my life to the fullest and experience as much as I can.  And you should too!

Enjoy Your Adventure,                                                                  Samantha

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