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Halloween Fun!

I know, Halloween was last week, but we had so much going on this past week month.  Our Halloween festivities started with a local festival that had a car show and trick or treating for the children through the local stores.  So what was my daughter dressed as?


Not that I’m biased, but she made for a cute little strawberry.  Since this was her first year truly trick or treating I wasn’t sure how’d she do, but she loved it and got everyone to give her more candy.  She also insisted on carrying her bag and didn’t want any help, so she drug it down the street with her.


Kert and I had an adult Halloween party that night, but we don’t really have many pictures from it.  Besides we just threw together something from what we had at home, because starting next year we’re doing a family themed group costume.  The next day we finally went to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin.  We found the perfect pumpkin and carved it Tuesday.  A carved pumpkin doesn’t last long down here, so that’s why we waited to carve it.  Alyssa wasn’t really into picking out all the seeds and stuff, but she did do a little. And here is our Jack Skellington pumpkin.


Since Alyssa doesn’t really get to eat candy, we decided to meet some family at a local church for a trunk or treat.  If you don’t know what that is, it is  when a group gets together and decorates their cars for Halloween for a safe trick or treating instead of wandering through the streets.  It’s nice for the little ones before they are ready to trick or treat.   So what did you or your little ones dress up as this year?

Enjoy Your Adventure,                                                                 Samantha

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