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Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon 2013

I have not been writing much recently because I decided to take a little time away from the computer to help my eyes.  My left eye has been a little slower with the healing and staring at a computer makes them tired more easily.  I am officially fully healed from my LASIK and have 20/20 vision. Yayy!!

So what did I do four weeks after LASIK?   Oh, I just ran a half marathon is all.  My husband and I ran the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November.  It was my second and his first half marathon, but we’re both hooked.  I’ve already decided when I’ll start training for a full marathon next year!

Due to Kert’s work schedule, we ended up driving up to Orlando on Saturday morning before the run.  We got to the expo around 11am and went straight to pickup our bibs and shirts.  There weren’t a lot of people there and after getting the bibs, we went and got our shirts.  For some reason their shirts are larger than normal, but luckily, Disney has an exchange for the race shirts.  We both went down a size and I got one of the last ones in the smaller size. Whew!


We walked around the expo a little and I bought a sparkly gold Sweaty Band to go with my outfit that night.  We then stopped at the Chiquita both because they had a game like Plinko from The Price is Right to win bananas and apple slices.  Silly, I know, but Plinko was my favorite game on that show.  We each got a chip to drop and so did Alyssa.  We all ended up getting the highest number and wound up with a ton of bananas and apple slices.  They held us over for the weekend.  We grabbed a bite to eat at the Grill at the WWOS before heading to check into the hotel.

We got all checked in at the Art of Animation Resort and went up to the room.  My parents were staying with us to watch Alyssa, so we got a family suite.  If you’re looking for a lot of room for your family, these rooms are perfect.  They have a separate bedroom and bathroom.  There’s a living room, a dining room with a murphy bed, and another full bathroom.  There’s also a small kitchenette with a refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, & sink. We went around and explored the resort since it was our first time staying there.  The theming is great and I love that each area has a little play area for the kids.  We got back to the room and my parents took off with our little one for the night, so we could take a nap.

I got maybe a 30 minute nap before the alarm went off so we could go grab some dinner.  We went to the food court and I discovered naan bread and how delicious it is.  After food, we headed back to the room to get changed.  And by changed, I mean into our running costumes!

Thanks to these fun socks Kert had found, he agreed to do a costume with me!


Nothing too crazy compared to some people who run Disney races, but we went Superman and Wonder Woman.  Everyone LOVED the socks with capes!


We hopped on a bus and were on our way to the Wide World of Sports Complex.  We ended up checking a bag and I was rather impressed with how smooth it is.  There was no line and it was separated by bib numbers.  After that, we wandered through the people for a little bit before hitting the Port o potties.  Then off to wait for another 45 minutes in our corral.

We sat on the curb about 1/2 way back in our corral.  After 10 minutes, my husband starts squirming because he was sitting in ants.  I swear I didn’t laugh!  Since it was about 3.5 hours after dinner at this point, I popped out the Clif bar I brought and had myself a little snack with my water.  Kert thought that was weird, but about 7 miles in, he was wishing he had done the same thing.

Finally, 10pm rolls around and the fireworks start with the first corral.  This is one of the things that you must love about a Disney race.  They set off fireworks for the start of every corral of runners.


Kert & I had set a goal of 2 hours and 30 minutes.  While I don’t recommend this for just anyone, but we did it because of our lack of training.  See, I was running 2-3 times a week, but my runs were anywhere from 1.5 to 4 miles at a time.  And Kert, well, he did the couch to half marathon program in a day.  That’s right, he maybe ran 4 times in the months preceding the half marathon.   I don’t recommend this, but the world of distance running is mental and knowing  your body.   So we both felt comfortable without doing long runs prior.

We were going to do timed intervals, but then decided we would just run how we I felt and take 1 minute walk breaks.  We decided to do this because we wanted to have fun and stop to take pictures.  It also was only 4 weeks after my LASIK,  so I was still putting drops in my eyes quite regularly.  Speaking of,  I did learn around mile 6 that PowerAde does not burn your eyes.  Yeah,  I decided it was a good idea to use PowerAde as my eye drops by not stopping to drink it.  I still haven’t mastered that cup squeeze so I can drink and run at the same time.


One of the best parts of the Wine & Dine Half is getting to run through the Osbourne Lights at Hollywood Studios.  They’re normally so packed when the park is open, it’s so nice to enjoy them with very few people in the streets.


Through out the run, people would yell out “Go Wonder Woman!”  It was fun and I would always give them a holler.  When we got to the last 3 miles, we were coming through the sidewalk by the Boardwalk hotel.  It was around midnight, but there were some groups of people watching.  I don’t know if they were waiting for a runner, but they weren’t cheering anyone on.  So what do I do?  I yell at them, “What, no cheering for us?”  They started cheering pretty loud after that.  My husband told me I would’ve been able to spurt more at the end if I didn’t expel so much energy hollering, but I was having fun.

We finished in 2:46 and we got to enjoy it.  I was worried that my husband would just take off and leave me, but he stayed with me and we had fun.  Even without running regularly, he’s still way faster than me.  We’re planning on making it a yearly run for us, that’s how much we enjoyed ourselves.

We met up with my brother and his friend’s after we finished.  My brother had some friends running, so he and another friend came to the after party.  We headed into Epcot while they waited for their other friends to finish so I could use the restroom instead of a wonderful port o potty.   We then headed back to the food & beverage booths that were open from the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival for the after party.  This is the only thing that I would say is a negative.  Since the run goes through Epcot, you have to wait for a break in the runners to get across and back to the food booths.  And in true Disney fashion,  everyone is jammed on top of one another because they have a lack of courtesy for people’s personal space (not Disney’s fault). It took us a good 30 minutes to get across and I was starving.  We headed straight to the Canada booth for the Filet Mignon and it was amazing!  My brother and his friends joined us for a little bit and we decided to head back to the hotel.  I was exhausted from being up since 6am with only a little nap and it was about 3am.

My Favorite Things about Wine & Dine:

  1. It’s at night!  I’m such a night owl, so even though I get up early with my daughter, I still prefer running at night.
  2. The Osbourne Lights at Hollywood Studios with no crowd!
  3. The awesome box of goodies you get at the finish along with your water, PowerAde, fruit snacks &                                                                  bananas.                                                                                                                                                       DSCN0120
  4. As you’re leaving the finish line, you can get a beer or soda.  For some reason I crave a coke after a long run, so I was happy to see that cold little can.
  5. The after party at Epcot.  What’s better than finishing a run and getting filet mignon?

My Not So Favorite Things:

  1. The wait to get to food at the end.  There’s no way around it, but I wish I had realized this before so I had brought a snack I liked that would  hold us over.
  2. There are a couple of spots that are pretty dark on the course.  While it didn’t really bother me, there were quite a few people who had accidents because they couldn’t see well.

While the cost of a runDisney race is a little high, they are well worth what  you get for your race fee. So if you’re looking for a fun race because well, running is boring, then check out a runDisney race at Walt Disney World or Disneyland!


Enjoy Your Adventure,


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