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PCOS and Dealing With Acne

As many women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) know, acne is one of the many “symptoms” of having PCOS.  Thanks of course to the crazy hormone imbalance.

I’ve dealt with acne and horrible skin ever since I hit puberty 20 or so years ago.  Sometimes it was worse than others, but it was always there.  Over the years I tried everything from Noxzema, to Clean & Clear, to ProActiv, to Dermalogica and more.  I had been to a dermatologist when I was a teen and then again as an adult. I was prescribed medications and still no luck.

Then came the light bulb moment from my husband of all people.  He told me to stop using all that “crap” on my face.  Seriously, that’s what it all is.

About six months ago, I stopped using all commercial facial cleaners and exfoliators on my skin and haven’t looked back.

What do I use now?


Yep, just plain old water.  I rinse my face morning and night with warm water and pat dry.  If I’m feeling like I need a good exfoliation, I’ll mix a little baking soda with water to make a paste.  It’s the perfect exfoliator and not harsh on the skin, and then I put some coconut oil on as a moisturizer.

While I’m no scientist, I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on.  All those cleaners are way to harsh for skin.  They strip all the oils off your face and leave it dry as a sheet of paper.  So what’s your skin to do?  Produce twice as much oil to make up for being dry.

While we want to get rid of that oil, our skin needs some of that oil to retain moisture.  Once I went soap free on my face, it took about a month for the oils to regulate production on my face.  After that, It looked much better.  That wonderful time of the month for us ladies still brings about some breakouts, but in no way like they used to be.  My face also stopped looking like an oil slick half way through the day.

The next time you pick up that face wash, think about what those chemicals are doing to your skin.

While I had planned on doing a before/after pic, sadly, I have misplaced my memory stick and now must go on a search to uncover it! Yikes!!

Enjoy Your Adventure,


FTC Disclosure:  This is my own experience and not medical advice.  Please consult your doctor for any medical concerns.

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