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Pregnancy & Exercise Update-Halfway There

I’m officially halfway through the pregnancy now. Woohoo!!!  I’ll be 20 weeks this Saturday.

I was having a pretty rough time this pregnancy compared to last.  I had this horrible nausea and reflux that started around 8 weeks and progressively got worse.  It got so bad that I had to sleep sitting almost upright. Really  not fun.  Then suddenly around 18.5 weeks it just went away.  I’m so glad it did because it was getting hard to do things, and I definitely didn’t want to work out.   I even took a couple weeks off of running.

I could fill you in on every little pregnancy detail, but there’s not much to tell.  Our baby is developing and so far so good.  I’ve decided to update you all on my progress with exercise through this pregnancy.  First, I have to say I am thankful that all my family and friends have supported my decision to workout and run through my pregnancy.  My husband gets a little nervous sometimes, but that’s to be expected.  So many people don’t have that support and it can make it tough.  Every so often I’ll have someone ask me about certain things being safe to do, but no negativity like I’m going to hurt my baby.  I did a lot of research on it before I decided to keep going and I see a different doctor or midwife for every visit, so I always talk to them about it.  Each one will tell me something a little different, but in essence it’s always “listen to your body”.

I’ve been doing less running since I felt so horrible, and the heat and constant rain storms have not helped either.  I definitely feel better when I go out now, so I’m going to ramp back up to running 3 days a week.  I’m also still doing my stroller fitness class.  Lucky for me, our class is a pretty good work out, is helping to tone me up, and is a lot of fun with the other moms there.

So here goes with something I never thought I’d do, but I’m going to post my progress pictures.

These pictures are when I started the stroller fitness class in January.  I had been running for over a year, but when I would try to do workouts at home, they got increasingly more difficult with a toddler running around to watch.  I was so glad to hear these classes were starting up at a gym my husband had gone to since I knew they were good trainers and I would be able to bring my daughter with me.  I just decided I wanted to work on toning my body up finally and searching for my abs, but running just isn’t going to cut it for that.


These are pictures from 8 weeks after starting the class.  I was apparently 2 weeks pregnant at this time.


As you can see, I was finally starting to see my abs, but now that will be one of my goals post baby.

The only 2 things that I was told not to do are full sit ups and double leg lifts.  You don’t want to strain all of your abdominal muscles and especially your lower abdominals to prevent diastasis recti, which is the separation of your abdominal muscles.  In a matter of 2 months I weighed exactly the same, which is why I no longer go by the scale, but had dropped 2 pants sizes.  I went from a juniors 9 back into some size 5’s I hadn’t fit into since well before I got married in 2007!

About 2 weeks after those pictures, I discovered I was pregnant.  I didn’t have my first doctor’s appointment until a  month later, but I asked about exercising and was told it was fine.  I did a lot of researching on the internet and everything I found was positive about the benefits of exercise while pregnant.  The only thing that I really need to watch is getting overheated, so I just stopped pushing myself to the next level.  That also meant my sub 2 hour half marathon goal for August would now be another goal post baby.

I love my classes because we vary up our exercises constantly which is great for muscle development.  You can’t just use the same 3 or 4 muscle groups and expect great results.  We do all kinds of work from different style pushups, weights, resistance bands, planks, wall balls, and even burpees.  Yes, I can still do them, they’re just slower than before.  I was doing 1 leg burpees around 12 weeks.  So here is what I look like at 19 weeks pregnant, which is when I took these photos.


My halfway pregnant belly is only slightly bigger than when I started.  Yikes!  And for some reason I never did a back picture before, but decided to do one now.  My shoulders and back are starting to become the most toned, which will be great for my back in the next 20 weeks.  I don’t know why my flash wouldn’t go off for this picture, so it’s a little darker.


Do you love that runner’s tank top tan I’ve got going on?

I told my trainer that I will probably be in better shape after I give birth.  The other great thing about working out through pregnancy is how awesomely easy it normally makes labor and delivery.  I totally believe this because I kept up walking 12 miles a week until almost 7 months last time and my delivery took 20 minutes and 6 pushes.  Don’t hate me.

I’m hoping everything continues to go well with the pregnancy and plan to continue both working out and running until delivery.  I know those 6 weeks after delivery are going to be the hardest for me know since working out is such  an everyday part of my life.

Did you continue your work outs during pregnancy? How did they go?

Enjoy Your Adventure,


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