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Making It A Habit

How do you make something a habit?  Apparently, you do it for 21 days straight and you only have to devote 15 minutes of your day.

When I was working full time I had the privilege of participating in a lot of leadership training since I was in management.  I learned a lot of valuable information and ways to approach situations, but one thing that stuck with me was about making habits.

Have you ever started something new; i.e.. a diet, healthy eating, exercising, writing in a journal; and it didn’t last more than a week?  Truly, you can’t put an exact number of days on when something will become a habit, but you do need to get past that “giving up” stage.  Once past that, the behavior tends to become something you more positively think about completing.  Then again, is anything really a habit?  At any point in time life can throw you a curve ball and then  you suddenly have an excuse not to do it.

What’s my  habit I’m trying to form?

I struggle with getting up early.  I’m such a night owl and just can’t make myself go to sleep early.  For about a year now I’ve been saying I’m going to get up early to go for my runs, but it never happens.  I have realized that as my pregnancy progresses, the only way I’m going to get my runs in is if I go early before it’s 95 degrees with 75% humidity.

I have a few friends who I inspired to start running recently.  They have decided to start running at 5:30am before it gets hot and so they don’t have to push their littles in a stroller.  So tomorrow starts my 5am wake up calls.  21 days right?  Let’s see about that!

Are you a morning runner?  What’s your motivation to get up so early?

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