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What the #NoExcuses Movement Means to Me at Two Months Postpartum

I’ve made it to 2 months post birth of my second baby who was born by c-section.  What a crazy whirlwind it has been.  Life is crazy enough with having a new baby and a toddler, but throw the c-section in there with making it through the demands of the holidays with a 3 week old, and yes I did have some meltdowns.

Once I got the okay from my doctor to resume all activities, including exercising, at my 4 week postpartum checkup that’s exactly what I did.  I started with some slow short running and walking.  Then I decided to do a plank and squat challenge.  No I don’t have diastasis recti either, so the planks were perfectly fine for me to do.  I was getting a little bit of exercise in when I could to help me get back to normal, and then wham! Here comes the emotional rollercoaster and some postpartum depression.

Every woman goes through a lot of emotional changes after giving birth because of all of the hormones, but it all finally caught up to me.  From the emotions and jealousy our toddler was struggling through, being overtired from my body recovering from surgery, to the demands of and disagreements with family, I just lost it.

After 2 months of having a cough, our toddler started getting her last set of molars and she has the worst time with getting teeth.  She gets all congested like she has a cold and then has at least 1 vomiting episode.  We took her to the doctor for her cough and it turns out it was from allergies.

Two days later and our 2 month old got all congested and a fever. If you have kids you know that means there is a possible ER trip with a lot of testing and a spinal tap to look forward to.  Lucky for us, her fever started to go down by the time we got to the doctor, so we just had to keep taking her temperature every couple hours to make sure it didn’t spike again.

Between the post nasal drip and the pain from the molars, our toddler had quite a few more vomiting episodes and most of them were at night. Anyone like doing laundry at 2am?

By now I was pretty much done and had a pretty rough day.  It had been almost 2 weeks since I really got in any exercise and the stresses got the best of me.  Thankfully I have an amazing husband who has a lot of patience with me.  He definitely helped me get over the hump and I’ve had some quite fun days with my toddler, baby, and husband.

So what’s this have to do with the #NoExcuses movements you see everywhere in Social Media nowadays and what’s it got to do with having a baby?

Pretty much everything.  It seems like everyone is claiming others are fat shaming or fit shaming and most of it is females over the whole idea of having no excuses to having a “perfect” body.  This is where the gray area is.  I am in the pursuit of losing the fat and finding my abs once and for all.  I have dubbed it my #questformyabs.  I post often about it on my different social media.  Most everyone is very encouraging and heck I even have people tell me I’ve inspired them to step outside of their comfort zone.  Awesome, because that’s what it’s about.

So now that I’m 2 months postpartum and have had some crazy emotions I’ve been dealing with, I can pretty much assure you that it is a positive thing and not to shame anybody.  It’s not about the “perfect” body and giving up valuable family time or letting relationships go and living in a messy house.  I participated in a Sweatpink No Excuses photo challenge up until I was overwhelmed.  Does that mean I’m a failure and I make excuses?

Nope, not at all.

I mean I could have just been moping around and keep saying I just had a cesarean I can’t do anything.  It pretty much showed me how important fitting in some exercise and me time is.  The whole #NoExcuses movement isn’t about denying other parts of your life every day.  It’s about taking that time you’d be sitting watching TV or something else and using that time.  It’s a general attitude of taking charge of a part of your life to make sure you are healthy and happy.  Which makes an impact on every other aspect of your life.  It’s knowing it’s ok if you don’t eat right a few days or you take a week off from your workouts.  It’s about knowing what is right for you and choosing to do it, even if others tell you not to or that you’re crazy.

Me wanting to run and exercise again so soon isn’t anything by a sanity saver.  Yes, I know I just had major surgery so I can’t overdo things because I will cause problems.  But if it’s for my health and happiness, then I’m going to do it. Now back to starting over on my plank and squat challenge that I also stopped doing.  Because at the time I stopped, it was what was right for me.

And thanks to a friend, I signed up for my first post baby race!  We are going to run a marathon relay team, so I’ll be running a little over 6.5 miles of a marathon with 3 other amazing ladies in 3 more weeks and I can’t wait.  While I have no idea how fast or slow I’ll be, I’m just glad I have the ability to do it and some great friends to help me get in some training before.

Did you have a hard time fitting in your good eating habits and exercising postpartum?

Enjoy Your Adventure,

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