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A Much Needed Getaway

Wow!  It’s been 2 months since a wrote anything.  Our baby girl is already 10 months old and we literally have so much to do before Christmas.  I guess it won’t slow down for another 18 years or so.  Just since writing this post late one night to now, we’ve already taken a 10 day road trip,  but lets start with this break.

Our family loves to travel and take short getaways.  We normally take two large vacations a year, but due to the arrival of our baby at the end of last year we have not made that happen.  It’s already September and we’ve only taken a quick trip to Georgia for a wedding and 2 quick weekend trips to Orlando.  None of which did we get to do a lot of fun things on or there were other happenings that took away from our fun.  Needless to say, we’ve been going stir crazy for a getaway.

Labor Day weekend I decided we were spending the weekend in Orlando.  We had kind of planned out what we were going to do and we set out on our way on Saturday afternoon.  Ultimately, we ended up kind of winging it the whole weekend and it turned out to be such a great short trip.

It started out with a quick trip to the Florida Mall for the Crayola Store and M&M’s world.  There is an actual activity part called the Crayola Experience, but we decided to forego spending time and money there since we would have to get setup in our hotel and get the little ones to bed.  Our daughter loved the Crayola store, so we didn’t even need to go into the Crayola Experience for a good time.  Best of all, she got to fill a giant tin with crayons and markers of all different colors.

IMG_8030[1]                               IMG_8031[1]

I’m not sure who was more excited about these, my daughter or husband.

No trip to the Florida Mall would be complete without a stop at M&M’s world.

IMG_8025[1]                              IMG_8027[1]

This time I think I was more excited.  M&M’s are a weakness of mine.

The next morning we had planned on going to SeaWorld and Disney World on Monday, but the weather was supposed to be horrible Monday afternoon so we decided to do SeaWorld then since we knew we wouldn’t spend the whole day there.

We started our morning at the Magic Kingdom because where else would we go?

It was an extremely hot morning and then came the afternoon rain. It was only supposed to be short intermittent rain like every other summer day in Florida, but it turned into an hour long downpour.  Everyone was trying to find cover and leaving.  That’s when we let our daughter take off her shoes and splash in the giant puddles by us.


We then decided to make our way towards the front, so we covered up the stroller with our ponchos and took off running.  Lucky for us, my husband and I both wore running clothes so they were comfortable to be in while wet and dried quickly once it stopped.  It drizzled a while and then stopped.  The most surprising thing of the night was that my husband actually wanted to stay and not go back to the hotel to get dry.  So we rode a few more rides and then while on the Astro Orbiter the heavier rains came.  We figured it was time to go anyways since it was past our girl’s bedtime, so off to the car we went.

The next morning the weather still forecasted to be pouring all day starting around noon, so we decided to skip SeaWorld and do a little shopping around.  We headed to the outlet mall so my husband could get new work shoes.  I know, so exciting!  While we were there I think we smelled every candle in the Yankee Candle Store.  We then headed for lunch.  It looked like the rain was holding off so we decided to head to Epcot since the girls would probably fall asleep on the way.

We were right, they fell asleep and transferred into the stroller without waking up.  I guess the previous day had worn them out.

So off to stroll around the world we were, and then this happened.


Most parents go for alcohol, nope, not us.

Once they woke up, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom.  Even though it was Labor Day, the parks were pretty slow since school had either just started or was about to start that week all across the country.   The wait times were either 5 minutes or walk right on.  Normally we head home early, but we took full advantage of the lack of wait times and finally headed home about 10pm.

Overall is was a great much needed getaway.  Even if it was only to Orlando, we appreciated every minute of our fun family time.

Enjoy Your Adventure,


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