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Washing Away 2015

Boy oh boy do I need it.  Not that I really have much to complain about, but 2015 was just rough for me personally.  I had such high hopes after having my baby in December 2014, but they all got shot pretty quick when I ended up having the c-section.

I could sit here and make a list of the negative from last year, but I’m washing away that I did not meet most of my goals and all the negative things and people I had to deal with last year.

This year is about me, my family, and our future.  Setting goals and crushing them.  Whether it be to disconnect more or to push my running up a notch, I’m going to make things great this year.  Two weeks in and we’ve already started.  I’m running more, while actually getting up at 4:30am to do it!  My husband has joined me and is biking again and learning how to cook finally!  Our daughters, well they’re just amazing so they don’t have to do anything more.

Goals, goals, and more goals for this year both physically and mentally, because they go hand in hand.

What are your goals for this year?

Enjoy Your Adventure,

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