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The Architect known as Miss Jean Louis

There is this fascinating specimen of a female mammal I have ever had the pleasure of learning about.  Her name is Miss Jean Louise and she is in fact a very talented but unknown architect.

She moves from house to house almost every year and keeps a giant brood of unusual pets in her home that she loves and adores.  She has just recently moved into her newest home that she worked tirelessly on to create and bring to fruition.

She spent her formidable years eating and petting animals.  When she was about 14 years old she took a strong liking to Italian foods.  Pasta al pomodoro, bruschetta, langoustine, and biscotti all took a place in her heart, but one thing always stood out for her.



It took almost 9 months, a lot of boiling water, a dash of salt, and more fettuccini than one truck could deliver to create, but alas, her masterpiece has been completed.

For she now has a home made out of the epicurean specialty of al dente pasta divinity where she can come after her arduous days as a babysitter to soak up the smells and moisture of her incredible castle while gently caressing Meeesha, Mooshie, & Mocalypse to sleep.

Now I’m off to learn more about this magnificent woman we call Miss Jean Louis!!

Enjoy Your Adventure,


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