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Your New Favorite Holiday Cookie

You read that right.  These cookies are amazing and are very simple to make. What are they you ask? Cinnamon Chip Cookies!!!! Did you even know they made cinnamon chips? I didn’t, but years ago when I was working, a volunteer with one of the shelters we worked with brought in a batch of them […]

My PCOS & How I Got Pregnant Without Medication

I’ve had an extremely busy past couple months.  From starting out as a Travel Agent, to all my running escapades, and yes, getting pregnant!  If you remember from last time, in order to get pregnant I had to take a diabetes medication Metformin in order to get pregnant due to my PCOS.  You can read […]

Easy 5 Ingredient Olive Tapenade (Vegan too)

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved eating olives.  It’s one of those foods that’s easily found at any gathering.  You know, those black canned olives on what your grandma used to call the pickle tray. As I got older, my tastes evolved from those canned morsels to a variety of olives, but I still […]

Road Trip Part 2-Finishing up in Virginia

I need to get my act together.  I can’t seem to find enough hours in the day for everything.  I know some of it was dealing with being sick and now we’re going on vacation again.  Yes, I said again!  We love to travel and I love to keep busy.  So I’m going to try […]

A Long Hot Run with Energybits

  A couple weeks ago I told you about my short run with some speed work while trying out energybits.  I was pretty impressed with the fact that they helped to get rid of my headache while running and I felt pretty good after taking them.  You can read about it here.  The Nitric Oxide […]

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